Pulseforge 1200

The PulseForge 1200 offers state-of-the-art photonic curing in a low-cost, compact chassis without giving up performance or safety. It is the ideal tool for research and development of printed electronics.

Pulseforge 1300

The PulseForge 1300 now features up to 35 kW/cm2 of user-selectable delivered peak radiant power- the highest delivered peak power available in any photonic curing tool currently in production anywhere in the world.

Pulseforge 3200

The PulseForge 3200 is able to meet or exceed oven performance in a small fraction of the time, process a wide variety of material/substrate combinations, process large areas, integrate with existing and new roll-to-roll systems or conveyors.

Pulseforge 3300

The NovaCentrix PulseForge 3300 is designed for processing printed semiconductor and ceramic inks and thin-film materials on low-temperature substrates. Applications include printed photovoltaics, displays, logic, and batteries.

Pulseforge Invent

This state-of-the-art photonic curing system is highly configurable for academic budgets and advanced R&D, for development in applications like sensors, displays, circuits, and photovoltaics.


PulseForge tools can be configured for either stand-alone web handling, or for integration with existing web-handling equipment. These new tools can be used for manufacturing R&D and scale-up, including for pilot line production of continuous-web products.

Conductive Inks

MetalonĀ® conductive inks of silver, carbon, copper and nickel for all common deposition process including screen, inkjet, aerosol, flexo and syringe.

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